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Aims and Scopes

In the 21st century, the provision of education that relates to an individuals interests, needs, expectations and global expectations is
gaining importance day by day. Moreover, the match between an individuals characteristics with the environment in which learning
takes place, together with the management of those learning environments are also important. In this framework, the conference
aims to bring together educational scientists, administrators, counselors, teachers, graduate students and members of NGOs to
discuss theoretical and practical implications of learning, teaching and administration in a scientific environment.

So, we invite all colleagues, researchers, academicians, graduate students, teachers and project leaders around the world to submit
their original research articles and review papers to this leading international conference.

Best Paper & Poster Awards

The conference (congress) will offer the Best Paper Awards to the three  best paper (First, Second and Third).

Certificate of Appreciation will be given to 4th - 10th runner up papers. Self-nominations will be accepted from the participant papers
of the conference.

Please note that;

1   The jury will only consider the nominated papers for the Best Paper Awards selection.
2   The deadline of the application is 30 days before the conference date.
3   The jury will evaluate the nominated papers according to; uniqueness, title, abstract, key words and also in terms of the following

Introduction: This explains the nature and purpose of the article, the theoretical background relevant to the article focus, related
research with a clear indication of the gap(s)/limitation(s) in existing knowledge / practice that the article will address, and the
practical applications or significance of what the article reports.

Methods: This section names and justifies the research design; describes the participants/sample (e.g., contextualization,
demographics, recruitment/selection criteria, and group assignment), the data collection instruments/ data generation techniques
(e.g., task[s] / method(s), equipment, instruments, including a discussion of their validity and reliability, if appropriate, or
trustworthiness in qualitative studies), the procedures employed in the study such as treatment(s) or the data generation process,
and data analysis. Authors must please align the language of this section with their design (i.e., quantitative and qualitative
methods sections will use different research jargon). Authors must comment explicitly on how their work was ethical.

Results /Findings and Discussion: Results/findings should be clear and concise. The discussion should explore the significance of the
results of the work, and not repeat them. Authors need to acknowledge their study limitations. A combined results and discussion
section is often appropriate. Avoid extensive citations and discussion of published literature in the discussion - instead use the
literature to show how the results/findings are significant.

Conclusion(s) and Recommendations/Future directions: The main conclusions of the study may be presented in a short conclusions
section, which may stand alone or form a subsection of the discussion, or results and discussion, section. Recommendations/Future
directions may stand alone or form a subsection of the discussion or results and discussion section. These include meaningful
suggestions for further research and/or practical applications flowing from the study conclusions.

References: References are listed in alphabetical order. Each listed reference is cited in text, and each text citation is listed in the

4  The applicants of Best Paper Awards should register for the conference. The nominated papers will not be evaluated in case of not
fulfilling the registration requirements.
5  The awards will be announced at the opening ceremony of the conference and the author(s) of the nominated papers should be
present at the opening ceremony.

Could you please apply by filling in the applicant form given below.
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