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Supporting Journal

Authors of selected articles are welcomed to submit extended version for publication in regular issues of the following reputed
journals, in addition to publication in the conference proceedings. New copyright forms must also be signed and delivered to the
appropriate journal.

The journals that has been confirmed so far (further replies are expected in following days)

-   Journal of Psychologists and Counsellors in Schools (Indexed in SSCI)
-   British Journal of Educational Technology (Indexed in SSCI)
-   Asian Pacific Education Review (Indexed in SSCI)
-   South African Journal of Psychology, (Indexed in SSCI)
-   The Anthropologist (Indexed in SSCI)
-   British Journal of Psychology (Indexed in SSCI)
-   Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences
-   International Journal of Human Sciences
-   World Journal on Educational Technology
-   International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education
-   International Journal of Excellence in e-Learning
-   Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education
-   International Journal for Lesson and Learning Studies
-   International Journal of Learning and Teaching
-   Contemporary Educational Research Journal
-   Global Journal of Guidance and Counselling
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